Jade Butler is an aspiring big-time reporter on the quiet issues that need to be shouted in the streets.meee From Reading, Pennsylvania, Jade was three-years running Editor-in-Chief of Wilson High School student school newspaper, The Paw Print, as well as a writer and executive board member her local paper, The Reading Eagle Voices. She will be attending Long Island University C.W. Post in Brookeville, Long Island with the intended majors in Journalism and Political Science.

Aside from journalism, her interests include photography and talking on Voices Radio on Saturdays, adventuring with her friends, creative writing, and theater.

Delving further into her theater life is the Yocum Institute of Arts Education, where Jade spent four years with the Teen Theater Ensemble, using their skills and talents with theater to present social justice and community theater. Some projects she has been apart of that are worth mentioning are the following:

Between Apartment 2B and the Endzone

This one-act play tours around the high schools and middle schools of Berks County, promoting suicide awareness to teens in a way that makes it easier for students to “Start the Conversation” about suicide. Jade has been involved with the show from November 2015 to May 2016.


Another piece on teen suicide that was featured touring high schools in Berks County to bring awareness to a variety of topics such as suicide, homosexuality, and violence. This piece featured a talk back session in which the actors shared their personal stories and talked with the audience on hope and speaking up about inner turmoils.


An event in Berks County that brings awareness to females who have gone through traumatic and/or violent experiences such as bullying, domestic violence, and rape. Through poetry, skits, and speeches, the Teen Theater Ensemble represented the true stories of community members, members of the class, or of themselves.

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